The Inaugural Post!


I’m not new to blogging, but it feels like it. I haven’t been to WordPress for nearly three years. Did you know technology moves pretty fast? Whew! Bear with me as I approach the computer feeling like a geriatric encountering a cordless phone for the first time.

Anyway, let’s dive right in. Knitters, have you noticed the whole photography trend that features nakey babies in nothing but a little knitwear? Yes, it’s pretty adorable and all that, although it wounds my husband’s soul to receive nakey baby announcements. He strongly disapproves. (“Honey, we got another naked baby picture in the mail!!”)  But let’s be real: I see an opportunity here. Hence, I’m in the middle of knitting my first photography prop for a local photographer. I think it’s going okay. I finished the hat and am working on the blanket.

a hat to adorn the naked babies.

a hat to adorn the naked babies.

There’s something strange about knitting for a fee. On the one hand, I don’t want to get all weird/greedy by thinking things like, “I don’t want this to take forever or this won’t be worth my time.” On the other, I just really enjoy knitting, and I’d be doing it anyway, so the rest is just bonus. Tell me you’ve thought these thoughts.

I’m also knitting my first pair of boot cuffs for my very talented cousin, who sews. I know people sometimes say this about knitters, but to me, people who can take a piece of fabric and use a machine to turn it into a 3 dimensional garment that actually looks good are really talented. Well, she can do that. I feel like such a failure because I recently bought her used Bernina and promptly forgot how to thread it.

boot cuffs--unblocked and not joined as yet.

boot cuffs–unblocked and not joined as yet.

But I digress–(I tend to do that). The boot cuffs. They’re everywhere, too. Check out Pinterest or Etsy and you’ll see. I’m doing some sort of cabled thing with them, and hope they turn out. I’m not following any sort of pattern, because I like doing my own thing. Of course, I’m exactly the type who should follow a pattern, since I tend to think I know better than the thousands of experienced knitters out there who WRITE them. Ugh. Sorry, I can hear my husband saying, “Bored.” Just…sorry.

I supposed I need to end this post and attend to two of my offspring, since that’s my number one job. I guess.


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