It’s an earflap hat! And a caterpillar quest.


I knit Simon his hat for the winter, and we got to try it out last evening. There’s something about a baby in an earflap hat, with a little red, wind-chilled nose and rosy cheeks that is just irresistible. Mmm mmm mm!! (It just took me 4 tries to spell “irresistible” correctly. I’m such a credit to my English degree. Ahem.)

We got to try it out because the harvesting “crew” was here combining the corn on our quarter, and my second oldest was along for the ride, her favorite thing in the world. She chirps along merrily the entire time. Which comes as a welcome diversion to the work-weary combine and grain cart operators, I’m told. She penned (on her own) the lyrics to The Sound of Music’s “Doe, A Deer.” I’m her mother, so naturally I think this is precious:

photo (97)

i especially like the descending dos at the end. you’re singing it now, i just know it.

So, yes, there we were, outside waiting to gather Eliza, with Simon’s hat, and Simon himself, and Amelia, who was concerned not by the beautiful, pinky-purple sunset, nor the chickens, nor the harvest commencing in the field, nor the billions of rust red corn hulls flying through the air. She was determined to create a suitable habitat for her pet caterpillar by searching for the p-e-r-f-e-c-t leaf and stick for its bowl. It was a success: Any caterpillar would flourish in such a dwelling. However, she did not actually have a pet caterpillar. ย And, to her dismay (and I’m always the one who has to break news like this to the kids) there were probably no caterpillars around on this chilly, fall evening.

She was crestfallen, but not down for long, thank goodness. I always say to myself how I’d love to have three-year-old problems, but then I have to reprimand myself for being a jerk. We all started out with those types of problems, and they ARE big problems to three-year-olds. (Or two-year-olds. Or nine-year-olds.)

Earflap hat: So much fun to knit. I didn’t use a pattern, so I can’t link to one. Eliza would like me to knit one for her now. And you know I’ll only be too glad to do that.

simon 2 c

Happening today on the farm: Breakfast, soon. And probably some more coffee. And maybe I’ll finally get around to putting some photos in an album. Maybe.


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