Monthly Archives: February 2014

February. Sigh.


The February blahs are knocking on my door. It’s been soo cold lately! And not too sunny, which can combine to pack a lethal punch to even the sunniest of dispositions–and I’m not saying mine is.

However, HOWEVER! There was a bright little burst of sunshine last week. I have a new niece, Brooke, who was born last Tuesday. And she’s just everything a snuggly little newborn should be: Tiny, fine-featured, rosebud lips. Just a sweetie. And Aunt Lindy got to knit her some fun things, which is also lovely.

My youngest daughter also turned 4, and I’m going to say something moms never say (ha): WHEN did my little curly blonde spitfire get old enough to attend preschool?

In other mom cliche news, in less than one month, my baby boy will turn 1. So, what did I do this morning to make that transition easier? Apparently, I had a spurt of temporary, February-induced insanity and cut his hair FAR SHORTER than I should have or wanted to. I’ve been walking around handwringing ever since. In my best Kenneth Parcell, “What is WRONG with me?!”

So naturally I took a bunch of pictures to try to convince myself that he’s still my little chubby baby, even if his dip of a mother gave him an accidental buzzcut.

And really, that’s pretty much the bulk of it.

What I’m knitting now: A cabled afghan that I started over a year ago. I have got to finish this thing. Maybe in time for next winter? Who knows, miracles do happen from time to time.

In the meantime, there are a few other babies making their grand arrivals this spring, and I’ve been having fun making bibs for them. I love the cotton yarn that’s out there, and adding some buttons always seems to complete the look. Plus, they’re a quick knit, and don’t get lost in the Work In Progress Limbo, where the afghan has been these many months.

I’ll try to stick to knitting, rather than haircuts, to keep the winter doldrums at bay from here on out, mmmkay?