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Ridiculous knit baby pants–and other clothing items that exist.


I knit these pants before Simon was born, and decided that he should get some wear out of them before it gets warm–if that day ever comes–and before he outgrows them. Already, they’re becoming culottish. They’re called Kanoko Baby Pants, and they’re a free Ravelry download. (Ravelry–great site source for all sorts of knitting and crochet patterns.) They feature the seed stitch–one of my favorite looking stitches, but also one I like knitting the least. It’s basically like ribbing, except you knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches on the next row. Any idiot can do it, I’m proof. Anyway, despite what David said when he saw Simon sporting these pants this morning, I think they’re cute, and let’s face it: Babies can get away with more ridiculous fashion attire. DSC_0379 DSC_0371 DSC_0391 However, the Kanoko pants are no longer the main topic of this post. Get ready. Culottes. Remember those? I had forgotten, but now seem to recall that my mom had several pairs for me when I was 8 or 9. Were they ever really “in”? I doubt it. I Googled around to see for sure how it’s spelled, and discovered, to my great horror, that they’re still around. Apparently they’re a choice clothing item for women and girls seeking to be modest in their dress. Okay. I’m all for modesty. I suppose they’re modest. I won’t say anything more. Just kidding. OF COURSE I’ll say more. There should be some sort of person in charge of blacklisting certain fashions. I’ll volunteer for the position. These would occupy the top slot, followed closely by elastic-waist women’s jeans with no butt pockets. There are these. front_pleat_culotte_3     And these. culottes And, finally, for a final dose of fashion fail, I found these. culotte_fron_pleat_camo_1_1 A trifecta of fashion missteps: Cargo pockets, camo, and pleats. In a culotte form. They’re only $36.95! Better snag a pair before they’re sold out, ladies.

Amelia just looked over my shoulder and stated, “I want those pants. Or, that dress. I don’t know.”

I don’t know, either, honey.

February. Sigh.


The February blahs are knocking on my door. It’s been soo cold lately! And not too sunny, which can combine to pack a lethal punch to even the sunniest of dispositions–and I’m not saying mine is.

However, HOWEVER! There was a bright little burst of sunshine last week. I have a new niece, Brooke, who was born last Tuesday. And she’s just everything a snuggly little newborn should be: Tiny, fine-featured, rosebud lips. Just a sweetie. And Aunt Lindy got to knit her some fun things, which is also lovely.

My youngest daughter also turned 4, and I’m going to say something moms never say (ha): WHEN did my little curly blonde spitfire get old enough to attend preschool?

In other mom cliche news, in less than one month, my baby boy will turn 1. So, what did I do this morning to make that transition easier? Apparently, I had a spurt of temporary, February-induced insanity and cut his hair FAR SHORTER than I should have or wanted to. I’ve been walking around handwringing ever since. In my best Kenneth Parcell, “What is WRONG with me?!”

So naturally I took a bunch of pictures to try to convince myself that he’s still my little chubby baby, even if his dip of a mother gave him an accidental buzzcut.

And really, that’s pretty much the bulk of it.

What I’m knitting now: A cabled afghan that I started over a year ago. I have got to finish this thing. Maybe in time for next winter? Who knows, miracles do happen from time to time.

In the meantime, there are a few other babies making their grand arrivals this spring, and I’ve been having fun making bibs for them. I love the cotton yarn that’s out there, and adding some buttons always seems to complete the look. Plus, they’re a quick knit, and don’t get lost in the Work In Progress Limbo, where the afghan has been these many months.

I’ll try to stick to knitting, rather than haircuts, to keep the winter doldrums at bay from here on out, mmmkay?

It’s an earflap hat! And a caterpillar quest.


I knit Simon his hat for the winter, and we got to try it out last evening. There’s something about a baby in an earflap hat, with a little red, wind-chilled nose and rosy cheeks that is just irresistible. Mmm mmm mm!! (It just took me 4 tries to spell “irresistible” correctly. I’m such a credit to my English degree. Ahem.)

We got to try it out because the harvesting “crew” was here combining the corn on our quarter, and my second oldest was along for the ride, her favorite thing in the world. She chirps along merrily the entire time. Which comes as a welcome diversion to the work-weary combine and grain cart operators, I’m told. She penned (on her own) the lyrics to The Sound of Music’s “Doe, A Deer.” I’m her mother, so naturally I think this is precious:

photo (97)

i especially like the descending dos at the end. you’re singing it now, i just know it.

So, yes, there we were, outside waiting to gather Eliza, with Simon’s hat, and Simon himself, and Amelia, who was concerned not by the beautiful, pinky-purple sunset, nor the chickens, nor the harvest commencing in the field, nor the billions of rust red corn hulls flying through the air. She was determined to create a suitable habitat for her pet caterpillar by searching for the p-e-r-f-e-c-t leaf and stick for its bowl. It was a success: Any caterpillar would flourish in such a dwelling. However, she did not actually have a pet caterpillar.  And, to her dismay (and I’m always the one who has to break news like this to the kids) there were probably no caterpillars around on this chilly, fall evening.

She was crestfallen, but not down for long, thank goodness. I always say to myself how I’d love to have three-year-old problems, but then I have to reprimand myself for being a jerk. We all started out with those types of problems, and they ARE big problems to three-year-olds. (Or two-year-olds. Or nine-year-olds.)

Earflap hat: So much fun to knit. I didn’t use a pattern, so I can’t link to one. Eliza would like me to knit one for her now. And you know I’ll only be too glad to do that.

simon 2 c

Happening today on the farm: Breakfast, soon. And probably some more coffee. And maybe I’ll finally get around to putting some photos in an album. Maybe.

Simon models for me.


simon c

I had so much fun yesterday with Baby Simon. Babies love any sort of attention, even if it means having your mom put girl hats on you and take pictures. They just don’t care!

I just wanted to put a couple photos of my hats–that are for sale!–over on the ol’ Facebook page, and really, who doesn’t love a baby in a hat? I certainly can’t resist one.

Happening on the Farm: Making egg salad. Making some cookie/brownie bars. Playing with the kids. Laundry. And coffee. Always, coffee.

The Inaugural Post!


I’m not new to blogging, but it feels like it. I haven’t been to WordPress for nearly three years. Did you know technology moves pretty fast? Whew! Bear with me as I approach the computer feeling like a geriatric encountering a cordless phone for the first time.

Anyway, let’s dive right in. Knitters, have you noticed the whole photography trend that features nakey babies in nothing but a little knitwear? Yes, it’s pretty adorable and all that, although it wounds my husband’s soul to receive nakey baby announcements. He strongly disapproves. (“Honey, we got another naked baby picture in the mail!!”)  But let’s be real: I see an opportunity here. Hence, I’m in the middle of knitting my first photography prop for a local photographer. I think it’s going okay. I finished the hat and am working on the blanket.

a hat to adorn the naked babies.

a hat to adorn the naked babies.

There’s something strange about knitting for a fee. On the one hand, I don’t want to get all weird/greedy by thinking things like, “I don’t want this to take forever or this won’t be worth my time.” On the other, I just really enjoy knitting, and I’d be doing it anyway, so the rest is just bonus. Tell me you’ve thought these thoughts.

I’m also knitting my first pair of boot cuffs for my very talented cousin, who sews. I know people sometimes say this about knitters, but to me, people who can take a piece of fabric and use a machine to turn it into a 3 dimensional garment that actually looks good are really talented. Well, she can do that. I feel like such a failure because I recently bought her used Bernina and promptly forgot how to thread it.

boot cuffs--unblocked and not joined as yet.

boot cuffs–unblocked and not joined as yet.

But I digress–(I tend to do that). The boot cuffs. They’re everywhere, too. Check out Pinterest or Etsy and you’ll see. I’m doing some sort of cabled thing with them, and hope they turn out. I’m not following any sort of pattern, because I like doing my own thing. Of course, I’m exactly the type who should follow a pattern, since I tend to think I know better than the thousands of experienced knitters out there who WRITE them. Ugh. Sorry, I can hear my husband saying, “Bored.” Just…sorry.

I supposed I need to end this post and attend to two of my offspring, since that’s my number one job. I guess.