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Continental vs. English knitting


Another entry into the annals of “Knitting to Escape Reality.” Subtitled, “In which I contemplate turning my knitting universe upside down.”

Short version, since that’s all I’ve got this morning. [Child Two woke up in the night with stomach flu. Child One recovering. Child Three is just a handful. Child Four is sweet but also a baby. Mom is tired.] I’m thinking of switching knitting styles, or at least learning the other one. I want to see if the Continental style of knitting is faster than the way I knit, which is in the English style.

Are you asleep? Oh, sorry.

Anyway, after reading multitudes of knitting commentaries online and watching my trusty Youtube knitting tutorials during my overnight puke vigil, I’ve learned that everyone knits one or the other, experienced knitters use both depending upon their mood or project, and everyone does it a bit differently. Continental knitters “pick” the yarn, and hold the working yarn in their left hand, while English knitters “throw” the yarn while holding the working yarn in their right hand.

One thing I’ve deduced is that I don’t let go of my work completely as I “throw” the yarn around the right needle. I don’t think of myself as a slow knitter, but that would slow one down considerably. Many knitting instructors like to teach this English style to beginners, so that’s probably the reason I learned this way.

I’ll spare you the excruciating details. We all know how I could go on and on about this. But I will add some of the great knitting tutorial sites I’ve come across the last two years since I began knitting. (Well, not quite two years. Crazy!)

Since I’m researching another knitting technique in order to increase my knitting speed, I leave you with this video of the fastest knitter in the world. Hilarious!