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The first snowfall! that I’m trying to be excited about.


I’ve gotta be honest: I know housework is neverending, but the laundry situation at la casa Borer is bumming me out. It’s always there, beckoning me to come fold it or put it away or start it, or….aaahh!

But I have a great way of dealing with it. If it starts getting too out of control, I leave the room and head into my chair (everyone ought to have their own chair) to knit, naturally! Knitting to escape reality! Again.

I just finished a birthday hat for my nephew, Sam, who loves Angry Birds. (Who doesn’t? Well, me, I guess–but only because I’ve never played the game. I’m too busy knitting, you see.)

angry bird 2

This was fun to knit, but I think sewing on the face took longer than knitting the hat. Just because I’m such an awesome sewer. No, a sew-er, not a sewer. What?

Anyway, enough of that for now. There are more exciting things happening today on the farm. Like the first snow of the year!

I documented it. And I’ll review these photos in March when snowfall is not nearly the joyous event it is right now, in November.

I took some pictures last night of the fall foliage because I had already seen the forecast and wept.

burning bush

favorite fall shrub, the aptly named burning bush


garden shed

our garden shed is an old chicken coop. our chickens reside in a different shed. it makes perfect sense.

garden cat

our prodigal male cat, Guthrie, who returned to us both happy and female.

amelia snow 2

snowy hat

snow on knitwear is so nice, is it not?

amelia snow

don’t hurt yourself, sweetie.

amelia shawshank

amelia’s best shawshank impression.

I’d keep on blogging, but I have laundry to ignore.

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