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Handy knitting techniques to survive motherhood


Laugh all you want. Tell me I’m being hyperbolic. (Cuz I sort of am.) But there will come a day when your son tells you the day before he’s going to dress up as Julius Caesar for Egyptian Day at school that you wish you knew how to MacGuyver a costume out of a white sheet, a pipe cleaner, and some yarn. Yep! Some gold-colored yarn.

After figuring out–thanks to handy internet video tutorials, natch–how to tie a toga, and after Linus had made a laurel for his head out of said leaves and pipe cleaner, his costume was still…missing something. It needed tassels! And a belt. He needed to look more regal, I guess.

My brain said, “i-cord with tassels!” So I whipped out my double pointed needles–which are necessary for making i-cord, and went to town. All concerned were satisfied with the results. Knitting saved the day!



For those of you tittering nervously, asking yourselves, “Was Julius Caesar…Egyptian?” No, of course not. But he did have a love affair with Cleopatra, so Linus reasoned that this was close enough. [Note the picture of “Cleo” he is carrying.]

There are all sorts of fantastic things one can do with i-cord. Staci at Very Pink Knits has a great i-cord tutorial. Oh, and a great tassel video. So easy, a caveman could do it. Or a sleep-deprived, harried mom.