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Happening today


It’s Friday!

I’m making a valiant effort to get all my ducks in a row for a weekend visit to my parents’ house. (And by valiant effort, I mean drinking coffee and blogging.)

We’ll be celebrating my nephew’s birthday and hanging out. And by “hanging out,” I mean chasing after crawling baby and toddling toddler, and energetic three year old (two of them) and the older two. You know the drill. So, doing the packing thing, eventually.

I’m hoping to make it to the yarn store this weekend–and perhaps do a bit o’ thrifting? Oh, that’d be nice. And if I could get in some knitting, I’d be one happy girl.

Happening on the farm:


we had a couple of sunrise visitors, one shown here

gulliver cat

and a sleepy gulliver


as well as a very alert and magnificent (if he does say so, himself) hector cat

Happy weekend!